A furuncle is a small abscess that occurs anywhere on the body. They are painful and diagnosis is particularly difficult when furuncles occur towards the outer end of the external ear canal. Treatment consists of incision where possible and doses of Flucloxacillin.
Home Remedies
As is the case with boils, furuncles demand the eradication of virulent bacteria living on the skin’s surface. Sometimes they live up the nose and can be found in and around the anal canal. Put antiseptic in the bath for a fortnight. If infections persist apply antibiotic ointment inside both nasal openings and around the anal verge.
Nausea and severe cramping pain under the right lower rib cage triggered by a fatty meal are the first signs that cholesterol or pigment stones have triggered an attack of gall bladder pain. Surgeons believe that removing gall bladders somehow constitutes a cure for gall stones. Why this is so remains something of a mystery; because taking out the gall bladder doesn’t prevent the formation of further stones. Gall stones live just as happily in the common bile duct as they do in a gall bladder.
Much is made of the new technology which allows stones or gall bladders to be removed through small incisions. As awesome and fascinating as the new technology may be it doesn’t alter the fact the 50 per cent of gall stones are dissolvable using a low cholesterol diet or the prescription of a bile salt called Chendol.
Ten per cent of men and fifteen per cent of women develop gall stones sometime in their lives. One in five of them develop symptoms over a period of 20 years.
Home Remedies
People that possess gall stones and no symptoms don’t need surgery. A low fat, high fibre diet is helpful if symptoms supervene. As long as circumstances are not overtaken by complications such as severe infection, perforation and peritonitis, try bile salt therapy before opting for surgery.

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