Harmeet was only 4 years when he was sent to learn swimming.
Seeing other children in the swimming pool, Harmeet jumped in the pool without waiting for the instructor and was saved from drowning by the timely action of the instructor.
He was given a combination of Cherry Plum (to rectify his impulsive instinct), Rock Rose (for terror) and Star of Bethelhem (for shock) to bring him to normal condition.
But he had lost his self-confidence to learn swimming again.
Larch Remedy given T.D.S. with Cherry Plum for 2 months changed his temperament of acting an impulse and also re-established self-confidence to learn swimming again.
Mrs. Renu Sachdeva—25 years—was lean and thin. She weighed 42 kg. when she was married 5 years ago. She weighed only 39 kg. now and her weight was not increasing, although she was taking good food. She had no other complaint and there was nothing in her family history to suggest any possible cause of her static weight.
She got tired soon, and wanted to put on some weight so that she could bear an appearance as other girls of her age.
“Olive” for weakness and “LARCH’ for desire to be like others was prescribed T.D.S for one week, and the same combination was continued for another 4 weeks when she confirmed that she fell stronger after one week’s treatment.

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