Increase in frequency of urine (polyuria) more at night (Nocturia)Increase in thirst (Polydypsia).Increase in appetite (Polyphagia)Unexplained weight loss & Weakness and Giddiness,COMMON SYMPTOMS OF DIABETESPruritus – Generalized – Itching all over the body. Pruritus Vulva – Itching specially over female genitalias. Balanitis – Scratches, whiteness, reddness, itching at forskin over penis in males.OTHER SYMPTOMSCramps in legs.Impotence (Sexual weakness) in males.Tingling & numbness in lower limbs (feet) & upper limbs (Hands) — (Parasthesia).Repeated infection: Boils / Carbuncles (boil with multiple openings) etc.DIABETES DETECTED DURING THE COURSE OF OTHERILLNESSESFeverHepatitis (Jaundice)Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)DepressionCraniopathies Herpes ZosterMyocardial Infarction (Heart attack)Cerebro Vascular Accident (Paralysis in any part of body)Arthritis (joint pains)Other Endocrinal Disorder (acromegaly, cushing disease etc.)CASES REFERRED FROM OTHER DEPARTMENTSEYE DEPTT. (Ophthomology): Eye complaints leading to detection of diabetes.Frequent changes in spectacles (Refractory Errors)Repeated stye (infection) Repeated Corneal erosionsPremature Cataract Retinopathy etc.GYNAECOLOGICAL COMPLAINTS :Repeated abortionsCongenital Malfoitned BabyBig baby deliverySudden intra-uterine foetal deathSmall for gestational age, HydroamnioasRepeated UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)As a screening procedure during pregnancyPre-operative screeningDelayed wound healingPolycystic ovaries (Insulin resistance syndrome) etc.DENTAL COMPLAINTS :Tooth acheTooth extractionSepsisInfectionBefore dental surgerySURGICAL COMPLAINTS :P re-operative screening Delayed wound healingCarbuncle Diabetic foot — first presentation Infective Ulcer or GangreneAfter Trauma / injury / accident first time diabetes detectsAbscess / Sepsis / anywhere in bodyPost-operative upper abdomen surgery (occasional)ENT COMPLAINTS :VertigoRepeated sorethroatInfection — Nasal, Ear, Tonsilar, ParatonsillarAbscess — Nasal, septum, Ac SOM, Ch SOM (Suppurative Otitis Media)Hearing Loss — May be first presentation in old age. ORTHOPAEDIC COMPLAINTS:Frozen Shoulder (painful movement) Infection: Bone & JointsAbscessTubercular (Potts Spines) Trauma and Fractures, Pre-operative detectionDelayed or non-healing / non union of fractures,Backache Spondylosis etc.SKIN AND SOFT TISSUE : Infection – Fungal, Viral, Bacterial Skin pigmentation over shin (leg area) XanthelasmaNacrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum (NLD) VitiligoAcanthosis Ngricans Pmritus.Conclusion : It is important to realise that Diabetes can be asymptomatic and early diagnosis is mandatory which can prevent or postpone various complications of diabetes.*18\329\8*