1. AGRIMONY: Conceals his internal mental torture behind the facade of a care-free and cheerful face—weeps inside, laughs outside.2. ASPEN REMEDY: Apprehensions, unfounded fears. Fear without any rhyme or reason at any time of day and night. Mortally afraid of something he knows not what.3. BEECH: Intolerance, criticizes and condemns without making any allowance for even the genuine difficulties of others. Unsympathetic. Lacks humility.4. CENTAURY: Lack of will—a weak willing slave doing other’s job who cannot refuse to be used as door-mat by others. Persons who appear to have no choice except to obey others.5. CERATO: Distrust of ones own judgement. Fails to be guided by his inner voice. Asks other’s opinion about his personal problems, is confused on getting their conflicting views and usually opts for the wrong choice, then laments after discovering that his own judgement was after all correct. Meanwhile he has made a nuisance of himself by asking frivolous questions from others.6. CHERRY PLUM: Desperation. Fear of losing his mind’s control over his actions. Can do anything— even kill some body or kill himself at the spur of the moment, without thinking. Unbearable condition of mind. Apt to act on impulse than on reason.7. CHESTNUT BUD: Inattentive. Repeats the same mistakes again and again; does not learn from past experiences. Absent minded, prone to road accidents.*33\308\8*