Sometimes the shots give an added bonus. After three or four injections in the doctor’s office, some men find that their erections actually return to normal and they don’t need the shots anymore. Others still need the shots, but not on such a regular basis. Right now, researchers don’t understand why some men are fortunate enough to be affected this way. One study found that men with blood-flow and psychologically caused problems were the most likely to get erections on their own after a few shots, while those with nerve damage were most likely to need a shot each time they had sex.

Sidney, 62 years old, is a good example of a patient for whom the shots worked well. He had been married for almost 30 years, and first noticed problems with his erections 5 years before he visited a clinic. He was distraught that he was now completely unable to get any erection. Sidney had read a lot about the new advances in treatment for erection problems, and he announced his decision before he even sat down: He wanted a penile implant.

It wasn’t clear just what was causing Sidney’s problem, and the doctor decided that a penile shot could give important diagnostic information. Sidney responded to his first injection with a very poor erection, and he was clearly disappointed. Other tests showed that Sidney had a lower-than-normal flow of blood to his penis, a condition probably caused by important arteries being partially blocked. Sidney’s hormone levels were fine, and he didn’t suffer from any chronic diseases which could cause such a potency problem.


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