Tai Chi was developed in China generations ago and consists of a series of slow, dance-like steps.

Using correct breathing, controlled stretching and gentle artistic movements, and it is a graceful way of keeping fit without much effort.

According to the Chinese this art of gentle relaxation and controlled body movements increases the body’s tolerance against disease and illness and helps rejuvenate the whole person.

It claims to relax the mind and body, improve circulation, loosen stiff joints and tone up muscles.

If you find vigorous exercise difficult or painful then you may like to try this gentle form of exercise.


There are many different varieties of yoga, the most familiar in western countries being Hatha which involves physical postures that balance and harmonise the body systems. It is believed that yoga stimulates your natural powers and therefore gives you greater control over your well-being.

Yoga postures — known as asanas — flex the joints, stretch and tone the muscles and improve the body’s circulation.

The maintenance of slow and rhythmic breathing while the postures are being performed helps relieve body tension and therefore increases the effectiveness of the body positions.

Asanas should never be strained but should be practised slowly and gracefully.


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