Summary of main points. Fat in food is a mixture of saturated, poly- and mono-unsaturated fatty adds, with different proportions in different foods.

• While saturated fats have the most detrimental effect on health, all fats and oils are currently thought to increase body fat.

• Reduction of fat should be the primary goal of any fat loss program, within a balanced diet.

• Client education should involve:

— assessment of dietary fat intake for obvious as well as hidden fats

— analysis of food choice and food preparation methods

— recommended food selection and preparation for dietary fat reduction

— information on how to read food labels and ingredient lists

— explanation of nutritional claims about fat in foods.

• Reducing fats in the diet is the single most important factor for fat loss.

The nutritional issues are intended to highlight the nutritional mediating component considered in the model of obesity (i.e. fat/energy intake).

As such, we will consider dietary fat and how to reduce it in detail in this chapter, then the alternative; increasing dietary carbohydrate and fibre. Reducing fat intake is regarded as an important part of a healthy eating pattern.


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